A Stun Pen for Protection

Thursday, February 17, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:25 PM

Many people like to carry a stun pen for protection because they offer the ease to carry something small and portable, coupled with a high power self defense weapon.

Its very easy to transport a stun pen, whether it be in your shirt or jacket pocket, your purse or even on your belt.  If an attacker or mugger jumps out in front of you and the cops are nowhere to be found, you can quickly and easily pull your stun gun weapon on the attacker and show them you mean business.  Plus,  most stun pens carry voltages around 1 Million volts, some slightly more, some slightly less.  This high voltage allows the electric stun to penetrate rather thick clothing.  The voltage delivers the amperage into the attacker and its the amperage that causes the muscles to spasm and fatigue, dropping the attacker to the ground.

You can now safely make your get away.

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