Phazzer Scorpion Protection

Tuesday, January 25, 2011
posted by SmartStun 5:39 PM

You wanna know what I think is one of the best stun guns?  The Phazzer Scorpion.  Why?  Simple…

The Phazzer Scorpion is manufactured by one of the premier Stun Gun Makers in the U.S., Phazzer.  Not only do they back their stun guns with a very supportive 1-year warranty, but based on my experience, you probably won’t need it.  So, the quality and reliability of your self defense weapon is there.

Second, its packed with features.  It has 3 Million Volts of Stun Power to leave your attacker in pain.  It has a very loud personal alarm.  It has an incredibly bright single LED that can either act as a flashlight or, if you shine it into the eyes of your attacker, you can leave them temporarily disoriented and blinded.

Third, its safe.  Phazzer has added their pin disable feature to the Scorpion.  Basically, have the wrist strap around your wrist and if someone rips the stun gun from your hands, the pin will dislodge and the unit will be shut down so the attacker cannot use it on you.

My wife carries this unit.  She has the pink one, but is also available in black.  Check’em out today!

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