MACE Pepper Spray

Tuesday, January 25, 2011
posted by SmartStun 3:24 PM

I’m not sure why, but MACE Pepper Spray is my favorite brand of pepper spray.  Okay, I like Wildfire, too, especially their new pepper gel.  And, I think I know why I like the MACE brand, too.

I’m a guy who likes novel things.  And, MACE Pepper Spray is available in traditional style dispensers like the keychain sprayers and belt loop size containers.  But, more cool is there MACE Gun and their MACE baton.  I mean, I think the gun is cool.  If you ever get a chance to hold one, you should.  You’ll instantly see how much more comfortable it is to hold and more importantly, how much more confidence you’ll have with this in your hand.

I mean, if an attacker is upon you asking for your purse or wallet, the cops can’t be there. So, you pull out your MACE gun.  The attacker sees right away that you have something more ominous than a traditional style pepper spray.  It looks like a freaking gun.  They’ll be more apt to take off.  And, if not, you are able to hold the gun in such a way that you KNOW you’ll hit them.

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