Pepper Spray Purchase

Tuesday, January 25, 2011
posted by SmartStun 3:14 PM

To ensure that you’re pepper spray purchase is the best that it can be, take just a few minutes to think things through.

Here’s what I mean, before you make your pepper spray purchase, think about things like how big, or small, of a container should you get.  Also, think about what type of dispenser you think will work best.  Not only are there the traditional spray dispensers and keyring dispensers, but there are also batons and guns.  Think about where you will carry it.  Do you need a holster? 

Also, and this is important, nowadays, in addition to the traditional spray formula, most makers are offering gel and fogger types.  The gel is gooey and hard to get off.  The attacker tries to wipe it, but just smears the burn around their body even more.  The fogger is good if you want to fill up a larger area.

So, again, think about these things and you’re sure to make a great purchase.

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