Tuesday, January 25, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:35 PM

I just wrote about why the TASER C2 is so popular.  I figured I should give equal air time, or screen time, I guess, to the TASER M26C.

The TASER M26C is also a shooting type or projectile type stun gun, like the C2.  But,  its more ominous.  It is a handgun style so, for those users who prefer to hold their weapon in this fashion, this unit may be more comfortable.  The M26C is the consumer model of the same unit built for law enforcement agencies….the “C” designates it is consumer grade.

Like all TASER Guns, this model shoots electrodes up to 15′ to hit the target and stun the attacker.  Generally, when hit, the suspect drops to the ground writhing in pain until the pulses cease.  If they are strong enough to not fall, they still are usually incapacitated to the point where they physically cannot function towards a goal.  They’re disoriented.

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