Carry Bear MACE

Wednesday, February 16, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:34 PM

If you live near woods, rivers, lakes or mountains and bears are anywhere near the area, you really need to carry Bear MACE virtually everywhere you go.  Or, at least keep it near the doorway in case you need it quickly.

Bears are getting more and more desperate to find food and protect theiryoung as we humans continue to encroach upon their native lands and habitats.  An attacking mother bear can be a horrible encounter to have.  If she has cubs anywhere nearby, you can expect her to be extra aggressive.

Hikers are more and more commonly experiencing encounters with bears.  Having a can of bear mace on the backpack can protect that hiker from an attacking bear.  Bear encounters can usually be prevented from turning into an attack with the proper response to their presence.  But, as a last ditch effort, having the bear spray in hand can be the last ditch effort to preventing an actual attack.

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