Best Stun Gun Purchase

Wednesday, February 16, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:26 PM

The Best Stun Gun Purchase I ever made was buying my wife a Phazzer Scorpion stun gun.  She carries it with her, in her purse, everywhere she goes.

The fact that she carries it is not what makes it the best stun gun purchase, though.  Its the best because she actually had to use it not too long ago.  You may have read one of my earlier blogs that discusses the encounter in a parking lot.  But, regardless, I’m just glad she had her stun gun and she used it.

Even if you don’t think an attack or mugging could ever happen to you, its best to be prepared.  Stun Guns can be relatively small and don’t have to take up much room, either in a purse or on a belt.  But, they can be highly effective.  Her Phazzer Scorpion is a pink one, so it is highly visible in her purse when she digs for it.  You may not think that’s a very big deal, unless you have a wife with a purse!

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