Local Cops and the Taser Gun

Tuesday, February 15, 2011
posted by SmartStun 4:28 PM

Local cops got another one this weekend with their TASER gun.  I love the headlines in the newspaper.

It seems that a pickup was pulled over just outside of town and apparently it was smuggling of drugs.  The driver wouldn’t stop at first, but when he did, he jumped out and took off into the desert.  A foot chase ensued and eventually the officers got close enough to the driver to warn him about them using a TASER gun on him.  He didn’t stop.  They fired.  He went down.

These days, whether you’re a police officer or civilian, you need some form of protection.  Crime is everywhere.  The cops cannot be.  You will most likely have to protect yourself, your home or your loved ones at some point in your life.   Be prepared with a self defense weapon, such as a stun gun, TASER gun, pepper spray or whatever else you feel comfortable with.

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