Mace and a Bear

Monday, February 14, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:51 PM

The best news report I could possibly ask for just hit the local newspaper this morning.  It seems a hiker was in the mountains just outside the town yesterday and came across a rather large bear.  I assume it was a Black Bear, but the article didn’t say.  Anyway, the hiker had bear mace in their bag and, long story short, neither the bear nor the hiker was hurt.

It seems that the hiker knew not to just use the bear mace upon immediate encounter with the bear.  The hiker had been instructed to make lots of agressive noises, stand straight and tall and throw sticks or rocks towards the bear, but not necessarily AT the bear.  (In this case, the hiker first noticed the bear when it was about 40 feet away, so the hiker was not in immediate danger.)  With bear mace in hand, the hiker was ready.  But, after about 4-5 minutes of noises and rocks, the bear meandered back into the trees.  The hiker hauled butt the other direction and safely got away.

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