Pink Stun Gun on Valentine’s

Monday, February 14, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:46 PM

Do you really love your Sweetie?  Well, on Valentine’s Day, how fitting would it be to give your sweetie the gift of security and protection in the form of a pink stun gun?

That’s right….a pink stun gun.  There are several different models that come in pink.  The one my wife carries is the Phazzer Scorpion, which is available in pink or black.  Or, another VERY popular choice for the ladies is the Pink TASER C2.  And, Phazzer makes a model that is very similar to the C2 called the Phazzer Dragon which is available in pink as well as other colors.

Of course, I only emphasize the pink color today because its Valentine’s Day.  The most important thing that needs to be communicated is that giving a self defense weapon can truly be considered a very caring gift.  It shows that you truly care about your loved one’s safety and well being.

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