An Electric Stun Baton?

Friday, February 11, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:01 PM

I got a lot of feedback about my post the other day on the searchterm for the product electric stun baton.

Most of the feedback mimicked what I had to say, that they thought it was a little different, but that they didn’t really see anything wrong with it.  I did, however, get a comment from on poor soul who ranted and raved about the internet.  He wasn’t just going on about my blog, but he was going off on how much time people spent on the internet and how bad google is and all kinds of stuff.  I responded to him along the lines of “well, what are you doing on the internet, then?”.  I didn’t hear anything back….

Funny.  Oh, well, I’ll keep writing about the electric stun baton, taser gun, stun guns and the like.  The blog is so that information can be passed along.  If someone doesn’t want it, they don’t  HAVE to read it, right?

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