Electric Stun Baton

Wednesday, February 9, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:39 PM

I crack up as I see all the search words and search keyphrases people use when they’re looking for self defense weapons and ultimately, our website.  One reason search word I came across is Electric Stun Baton.

I don’t really know why electric stun baton seems kinda funny to me, as its really kind of appropriate to describe a stun baton.  And, being a big fan of stun batons, you’d think any way that someone searches to find them, I’d appreciate.  I’m not really making fun of anyone as, again, its a pretty appropriate description.

I’m a fan of stun batons as they provide four levels of self defense, in my book.  1.  They’re readily visible, so any would be attacker knows right away that the potential victim is armed.  2.  They’re rather intimidating so, again, they cause an potential attacker to think twice.  3.  You can beat the heck out of someone with a stun baton, simply using it as a baton.  And, 4.  you can stun the crap out of someone leaving them on the ground, writhing in pain.  So, again, I like it when people search for stun batons.

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