Stun Pen Security

Tuesday, February 8, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:15 PM

No, not Sean Penn Security, stun pen security.  What am talking about, well at its root, I’m talking about crime.

Crime was bad in the early part of this century.  And, as the economy gotworse beginning in 2007, crime rates began creeping up; crimes of all types, not just one or another.  It worsened in 2008.  Even more worse all across the country in 2009.  2010 has come and gone and you guessed it, most cities and metropolitan areas continue to report increases in all types of crimes.  Here we are in early 2011 and economists are predicting even worse financial times.

As this continues to happen, we all need to protect ourselves.  We need security when we go to the grocery store, when we go to the park, no matter what we’re doing.  A stun pen is a very handy weapon to have around just for this type of security.  Its small enough to keep almost anywhere, but effective enough to knock the daylights out of an attacker or mugger and leave them writhing in pain.

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