Pull a TASER Gun…

Monday, February 7, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:01 PM

I was reading an article in the newspaper today about a crime that occurred over the weekend.  Halfway through it, the writer said “the cop pulled their TASER Gun, warned the assailant that they were about to fire at them and the suspect dropped to the ground immediately”.

Now, that’s power.  I love to hear how many people respect the TASER Gun for what it is.  The cops in this case carried a unit similar to the X26c.  The “c” designates “consumer” in this case and the police’s version is somewhat different, but still very similar in stature.

Think about it.  Someone says I’m gonna shoot my TASER at you and you instantly know “Oh, Hell!”.  These units have come to be recognized as one of the best self defense weapons on the market.  Its not just advertising that has gotten the word out.  Its real life stories like the one I read this weekend.  Respect the TASER.

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