Stun Gun Knuckles

Saturday, February 5, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:50 PM

If you’re looking for a stun gun that is easy to carry and intimidating as hell even when its not being test fired, you might just be interested in Stun Gun Knuckles.

The ZAP Blaster Stun Gun Knuckles is an incredible self defense weapon.  Any attacker or mugger who sees these in your hands will instantly know to question whether they’re going to go ahead with their attack or back off and wait for the next unsuspecting victim. 

In addition to being in the form of a brass knuckle type weapon, they have almost 1 million volts of stun power.  Their actual design has them with 950,000 volts.   The high voltage is sure to help penetrate thick clothing and deliver the amperage needed to drop your attacker to the floor, leaving them to writher in pain.  Check these wonderful weapons out today and decide for yourself.  Keep in mind how easy they’ll be to carry as you’re out walking.

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