Using a Stun Gun Pen

Saturday, February 5, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:21 PM

It may seem silly to need to talk about how to use a stun gun pen, but for some, its a conversation that really needs to be had.  Here’s why….

Many people think, “hey, I’ll just get a stun gun, carry it with me and if I need it, I’ll have it.”  And, with most stun guns, this is a reasonable thought.  But, when the owner has a stun gun pen or really, ANY mini stun gun, a little more thought needs to go into it.  For example, since these units are so small, they typically get thrown into a purse or an inside pocket if its cold out and the user has a jacket on.

But, consider if you’re approached by an attacker, are you going to be able to find the stun pen in your purse if its dark and they’re upon you in a matter of seconds?  Or, if a mugger jumps you from behind, are you going to be able to get to it quickly?  Most stun guns are large enough that you can.  But, since these are smaller and usually stored away, it at least needs to be thought about.  I mean, maybe the solution is just to get it out of the purse and put it into your hand before you exit the vehicle.  There are solutions.  But, again, its needs to talked about and thought about.  Be safe.

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