The BC20 from Barracuda Stun Guns

Friday, February 4, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:10 PM

The Barracuda BC20 is one of my favorite stun guns.  The only one I probably like any better or as much as is the BC30. 

I actually carry the Barracuda BC20 sometimes as its definitely one of my favorites.  Barracuda Stun Guns are well known for their quality.  They back their products with a 5 year warranty.  And, the warranty even covers the built in battery.  So, if it goes dead in say, 3 years, or so, Barracuda will replace it for free.

Not only are these mini stun guns really high voltages, but they are packed with high amperage.  Most stun guns only operate with about 3 milliamps.  And, its the amperage that penetrates the muscles causing them to spasm and fatigue, dropping an attacker to the floor.  Barracuda stun guns all use 4.5 milliamps….a full 50% more than mos others.

They also have a built in charger.  So, not only do you not have to keep up with batteries, but you also don’t have to keep up with the charger.  It’s always there.

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