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Wednesday, February 2, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:40 PM

I just took a call from someone who wanted to order stun gun information for their family.  I thought this was pretty good.

They wanted to order stun gun information so they could discuss them at a family meeting.  It seems that their area has had a huge increase in crime and one of the daughters is going to be heading off to college soon.  So, they were each tasked with coming up with possible solutions to improve their safety.  This certainly sounded like a “Leave it to Beaver” household scenario, but I have to admit it was pretty refreshing to hear that some families still live like this.

Unfortunately, there’s not a “buyer’s guide” to buying stun guns, but I was able to send them our catalog which has stun gun info as well as pepper spray and other various self defense weapons, which they could also discuss.  And, I sent them to our website so they could see more info.  They appreciated the help and I’m sure they’ll be buying something soon.

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