Tuesday, February 1, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:12 PM

Whether you call it a TASER Gun or an Air TASER Gun, its the same thing.

An Air TASER Gun uses an air filled cartridge to shoot electrodes at a target, generally an attacker or mugger or some sort of criminal.  The electrodes have barbs on end which cause them to lodge into the target and they’re connected via very fine wires.  Down the wires, the electric shock goes to stun the target.

And, while a few can, most people cannot sustain a hit by the TASER and still function.  Most fall to the ground writhing in pain.  The disorientation lasts generally for about 10 minutes and does not cause permanent damage.  So, many people like these units because they’re considered to be non lethal weapons.  And, most people don’t want to actually kill someone, just stop them from hurting them.

Cops in many municipalities carry these units are they consider them highly effective.  They have a laser built into them to allow for quick siting  before pulling the trigger and dropping the target.

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