Protecting Your Child with Keychain Alarms

Tuesday, January 25, 2011
posted by Stunning-Defense 7:21 PM

We love to take our young children to the park to play and socialize with their friends. My husband and I usually settle onto a park bench where we can see our kids. More often than not, we strike up a conversation with the parents of our children’s friends. Our kids know better than to wander off out of eye sight, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen every now and then.

No parent likes that panicky feeling you get when you lose sight of your child. To alleviate that problem, I bought our kids child guard keychain alarms. The animal shaped transmitter end is worn by each child while my husband or I hang onto the receiver. We set a range from six to 30 feet, and if one of our children wanders beyond that boundary, the receiver starts to beep. When we hear that beep we know it’s time for us to reel the kids back in before they go too far and get lost. This way our kids enjoy some freedom and we have peace of mind.

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