Protecting with Wildfire Pepper Spray

Monday, January 31, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:44 PM

Are you in need of a pepper spray or defensive spray to carry around with you, but unsure as which one to get?  Well, you might want to consider Wildfire Pepper Spray brand.

Wildfire Pepper Spray brand products have been around for decades and are considered to be one of the best.  Most people recognize the MACE brand, which is certainly a great and effective brand.  But, so is Wildfire.

You can find this brand of products in numerous types of dispensers, such as small keychain dispensers and even up to the larger Police Size Jumbo Models with trigger sprays.  But, equally as important, is the formula you choose to go with.  For instance, you can get Wildfire in gel, spray and even a fogger.  Give careful thought as to which one you feel most comfortable with.  I’m a fan of the new gel as the natural tendency of the target is to smear or wipe it off.  Well, that just makes it worse!

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