Best Stun Gun for the Money

Monday, January 31, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:21 PM

What’s the best stun gun for the money?  I get asked that a lot, by many, many people.

I always tell them the best stun gun for the money is the one that never has to be used.  It doesn’t really come down to what brand or what features or what style of stun gun you’re considering.  Instead, it comes down to how it is carried and how it is used.

Think about it, you’re carrying a discreet cell phone stun gun.  No one can tell you have a self defense weapon on you.  You walk past an attacker, who surprisingly says “give me your wallet”.  What’s the sense in that?

Compare that to this:  you’re carrying a stun baton with flashlight down the street at night.  You walk past an attacker or mugger who says “hey”, while you walk on by.

I think its quite easy to tell which is the best stun gun in that situation, now, isn’t it?

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