TASER Gun & Crime Reports

Saturday, January 29, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:15 PM

Jeeeeeesh, I just finished reading my local paper for the small town in which we live.  Used to, the Crime Reports section was a couple of paragraphs and was about teenage vandalism or about the illegals coming across the Arizona-Mexico border.  Today’s made me want to get an extra TASER Gun for my Dad.

That’s right, a TASER Gun.  My Dad is over 70 years old and lives in Dallas, but I figured if its as bad as it is here, he really needs protection.  He goes to the grocery store several times a week and is just a sitting target.

Heck, I can even remember when I still lived at home.  We were out walking the dogs one night when a car drove by.  Next thing we knew, we were being fired at with a gun!  That was decades ago.  The cops can’t be everywhere and with budget cuts and such, I worry about his safety.  Protect yourself, too.

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