Stun Pen

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:54 PM

Stun Master, and probably some others, make a stun pen.  Now, its not exactly what most people imagine when they think of what a pen must look like.

A stun pen is a highly effective self defense weapon, which is non lethal.  The one from Stun Master packs in a full 1.2 Million volts.  But, its not really in the shape of a writing pen.  Its similar in shape to the ZAPStick.  It’s definitely bigger than a writing pen.

But, for a weapon, its still small and is considered a mini stun gun.  Charge it up.  Walk around.  If someone approaches you for your wallet or purse, do a little test fire into the air and most likely, they’ll back away.  They’re pretty impressive.

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