Diversion Safe

Tuesday, April 12, 2011
posted by SmartStun 3:42 PM

Many people ask me what a diversion safe is.  The easy answer is that it’s a safe hidden in plain sight, but that is usually just followed by a “huh?”  So, here’s the long answer…..

A Diversion Safe is a safe that is hidden in a product or disguised in a product that is an everyday item.  For instance, one really popular diversion safe is the Dr Pepper Can Diversion Safe.  This looks just like a real Dr Pepper Can.  And, even when nothing is stored in it, it is weighted to feel like its a full can of soda.  But, the top can be removed and valuables like jewelry and cash can be hidden inside it.  So, the item is a safe that you can now integrate into your normal life.  Keep one of these in your pantry.  Do you really think a burglar will have the wherewithal to figure out its hiding something inside?  Doubtful…

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