Do you Carry Personal Security Alarms?

Monday, February 28, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:23 PM

A lot of people talk really big when they talk about being approached by an attacker or mugger.  But, let’s face it, many people know they couldn’t even pull the trigger on a self defense weapon if they were face to face with an attacker.  These people should consider personal security alarms, for their own protection.

Personal Security Alarms are good for those people who doubt they’ll be able to “to pull the trigger”.  If a person with a personal security alarm is approached by an unscrupulous person demanding their purse or wallet, the alarm can be set off to draw attention to the situation.  Even if no one is nearby, the attacker will probably just freak out and run away, anyway, becuase they have no idea if someone else is around or not.  And, they surely don’t want to stand around to find out.

Alarms can be gotten with varying degrees of loudness measured in decibels.  I don’t think anyone should get one less than 120db as anything less than this is just a little too quiet for my own taste.  A good 130db is more to my liking!

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