The use of a Dorm Safe

Saturday, February 12, 2011
posted by SmartStun 3:12 PM

College has just gotten back into session and students are hard at study.  Or, at least they should be.  But, because in every crowd, there’s going to be a bad apple, I highly recommend the use of a dorm safe.

What’s a dorm safe?  They are usually called Diversion Safes by the manufacturers.  However, most of us just call them a dorm safe or a can safe.  They are designed to divert the attention of a thief, thus that’s how they get their name.  Basically, an everyday looking product like a Dr Pepper Can or a Peanut Butter jar gets turned into a safe to store valuables and such to prevent theft.  They are weighted in such a way that if someone picks them up, they feel like the real product.

They can be mixed into a pantry of food or left out on the counter.  “Hidden in Plain Sight” is often used to describe how the dorm safe works.  The term dorm is usually connected with these safes because they get used commonly as kids go off to college.  However, they can be used in an environment with the same effects.

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