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Stun Guns for Protection

Wednesday, August 28, 2013
posted by SmartStun 1:10 PM

Your face to face with someone who means you harm.  They want your wallet or your purse.  You have nothing on you in the form of a weapon.  What do you do?  You can run and hope they don’t get you.  You can try to hit them and hope they’re not more prepared than you.  You can give them your wallet or purse and hope that’s all they take.

None of these scenarios are good outcomes.

Having a knife in this situation is better than having nothing.  But, having pepper spray or any one of the many stun guns available is a better choice.  Generally, attackers are not expecting their victims to be armed.  In fact, that’s why they usually choose who they choose to mug.  They watch the victim for a minute and make the determination that they think they can take them.  So, if you were to pull one of your stun guns from your pocket and do a quick warning fire towards them, more times than not, they turn and run.

So, which outcome would you prefer to cause?  Personally, I vote for stun guns.

– by E Harris

– by SmartStun Stun Guns

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Wicked Lasers are…..WICKED!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013
posted by SmartStun 9:06 AM

We get asked all the time if and how Wicked Lasers can be considered self defense weapons.  And, the truth is that they can be, but not in the traditional sense.

First, Wicked Lasers offers The Torch, a flashlight that not only is bright enough to literally light up the entire city block I live on, but also so bright that it generates enough heat to fry an egg on its lens.  Think that’s bright?????  The college kids who live next to me and have thrown parties way into the morning can attest to going “HOLY CRAP” what just happened, when I’ve climbed onto my roof at 2 am and turned on the Torch.  I turn it off before they can realize what happened or where the beam is coming from.  Its pretty dang funny.

Also, Wicked Lasers offers several models of lasers that are all so bright and intense that they can either be used to shine a laser dot onto someone’s chest, which if you’re wanting to protect yourself, giving the impression that you’re armed with something that has a laser sight on it, usually does the job.  Also, if needed, but not recommended here, you can shine it into their eyes…’ll blind them.  Of course, if they mean you harm, blinding them is probably less deadly than actually putting a .38 in them.

Your call on how you want to use them, but we support Wicked Lasers because we know how incredibly awesome they are!

– by E Harris

– by SmartStun Stun Guns

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How to Get the Self Defense Protection You Need

Wednesday, August 14, 2013
posted by SmartStun 10:56 AM

Many times, people will buy a self defense weapon without giving  much thought to the actual situation they’re wanting protection from.  What I mean is they just go buy a weapon.  But, they don’t ask the basic questions like:  Is this for me or my daughter?  If for my daughter, how will she carry it?  Will it be in her purse?  Her car?  Her belt loop?  And, if its for her, what situation am I wanting her to have protection from?  Is she protecting against a dorm room break in or rape?  Is she needing protection while walking from her car to work at night?  Is she needing protection while exercising at the park?

All these variables need to be taken into account before purchasing a self defense weapon.  For instance, pepper spray is a highly effective self defense weapon for a home invasion and, in many cases, while walking from car to  store.  However, while exercising, wind can be a factor.  And, a small spray of pepper spray, if fairly windy, will probably just blow away, possibly even back onto her.

So, again, these things need to be given thought before you spend your hard earned money on a weapon.

– by E Harris

– by SmartStun Stun Guns

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TASER Gun Models

Saturday, August 10, 2013
posted by SmartStun 11:33 AM

There are several models of TASER Guns that are currently available on the civilian market.

The first, we’ll list is the C2.  This is one of the more popular models as its price point is one of the lowest, yet its still as effective as the other models.  Its ergonomic shape fits many hands.  And, its sold in various kits that supply all you need to protect yourself or your loved one.  Generally the C2 Kits sell for between $300-400.

The next is the M26C.  This model is also quite popular as its not much more expensive and it looks more like a traditional handgun.  Its very easy to carry and very easy to aim and use.  The M26C is sold in a kit that includes 4 live cartridges.  So, other than a holster and/or training cartridges, you really don’t need anything else.  These generally sell for around $500 although you can find incredible sales from time to time.

The next model is the X26C.  Slightly smaller than the M model and it adds some technological features.  But, its quite pricey, generally around $1000.  Most people either go with the M model for price savings, or go on to the next model, the newest model of TASER Gun discussed below.

The newest model for the civilian market is the TASER X2 Home Defender.  Priced at about $1400, it has the ability shoot warning sparks while the cartridge is loaded.  It also has the ability to hold and shoot up to 2 cartridges at the same time.  So, if the user misses the first, or if there are 2 targets, the user is still protected.

Regardless the model of TASER Gun you choose, you’ll be happy with your selection.

– by E Harris

– by SmartStun Stun Guns


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TASER, for a Flashlight Stun Gun?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013
posted by SmartStun 12:16 PM

You may be aware by now that TASER has released its first ever, non-shooting stun gun.  That’s right, they’ve released the StrikeLight Direct Contact Flashlight Stun Gun.

TASER StrikeLightI’m anxious to see how well it sales.  Its a little higher priced than most flashlight stun guns, but of course, it has the the quality and brand recognition of TASER behind it.  And, I have compared it to other similar weapons we carry.  Quite honestly, I like the TASER model very much.

Its small, but not too small.  Its well built, you can tell as soon as you put it into your hand.  The flashlight is ultra bright.  The stun, while relatively low in voltage and amperage, is still quite effective.  Most people are not aware that all models of TASER Guns generate relatively low voltages and amperages.  But, of course, we know them to be very effective.  The StrikeLight is just the same.

Rechargeable battery that’s built in and an AC adapter comes free.  Its a complete self defense weapon.  And, even though its only been out for a few weeks now, sales are relatively brisk for the weapon.  Find out for yourself why, by ordering the TASER StrikeLight today!

-by E Harris

-by SmartStun Stun Guns

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