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Stun Guns in America

Thursday, March 28, 2013
posted by SmartStun 6:38 AM

Here is some basic info that I surmised.  This is not a scientific study, simply an estimation based on my personal knowledge:

We sell, on average, approximately 300 stun guns per month.  And, while most stun guns are probably bought online throughout America, many big box retailers, sell stun guns.  I cannot surmise the volume that these big box retailers might be selling throughout the country, but I’m sure its significant.  Back to online sale, though, while we are one of the higher volume retailers online, there are so many, easily hundreds of, if not thousands of, websites selling stun guns that the monthly numbers of units sold online has to be substantial and I’d say realistically, the monthly number would exceed 10,000/month and quite possibly, much higher.  Again, this is only for online sales.

As for Taser Guns, due to the price point of these weapons, we sell far fewer, roughly 10-20 per month.  These items are also sold by big box retailers as well as at local gun shows throughout the country, as well as, directly by Taser International.  Not including the brick and mortar retailers, nor those sold by Taser Int’l, carrying out the same numbers, I’d say, easily the number of Taser brand guns sold monthly by online retailers is well over 2-3000 units per month.  The brand recognition here is quite strong and this number is most likely double or greater than what I’m estimating.  But, also, Taser Int’l is a big online retailer of their products and I’m quite sure their numbers are significant.

My numbers also do not include any units being sold on Amazon or Ebay as I have no way of even guessing at what those volumes could be.

Since these items have been being sold for years, I’m sure there are millions of stun guns and taser guns being carried for protection in America today.

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Looking for the Best Stun Gun? Check out Barracuda…..

Wednesday, March 20, 2013
posted by SmartStun 7:45 AM

The Barracuda Stun Gun has long been recognized as being the best line of stun guns available.  They currently offer two models, the BC10 and the BC37.  Both are great for providing the best in self defense.

They are both built to the high standards of the maker of Barracuda Stun Gun, Over the Counter Intelligence, which is a US Based Company.  Quality construction is built into each unit.  But, even better than that are the technical specs.  Rated as the best, these models put out 4.5 milliamps of current.  While most makers and sellers of stun guns are focusing on voltage, which is important too, they leave out one important detail:  its the current (or amperage) that actually incapacitates someone.  Voltage merely delivers the current.  And, if voltage is only delivering a little bit of current, it doesn’t matter how much voltage you have in your stun gun.

5 milliamps is considered lethal.  So, any more than this, and someone will most likely die as a result of using a stun gun like that.  But, actually, no one makes a stun gun that delivers that level of current.  So, at 4.5 milliamps, the Barracuda line of Stun Guns is highest amperage line of stun guns available.  They will, more quickly than any other model, stop an attacker.  Check them out today and see why they’re the best!


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Kimber Pepper Blaster 2

Saturday, March 9, 2013
posted by SmartStun 11:51 AM

I’m full on into great self defense weapons and have been for several years now.  We’ve added some new products recently to our website as a particular niche of weaponry has really come to the forefront as of late.  Pepper Guns are truly going mainstream.  They take the idea of pepper spray or defense spray to the next level and really make them a highly effective weapon for self defense.

One of the items we’ve added is the Kimber Pepper Blaster 2 Pepper Gun.  Its affordable, at under $50.  Its compact and easy to carryKimber Pepper Blaster 2 Pepper Gun in a purse or pocket, but also has various holsters and such available.  So, you can have your weapon with you when you need it.  The Pepper Blaster 2 has 2 shots, so if you have more than 1 person messing with you, you’ve got a back up.  There’s a training model available so you can get hands on experience and comfort with your weapon.  But, of course, there’s more.  It doesn’t just “dispense” pepper spray.  No, no, much more than that.  It DEPLOYS pepper spray to your target.  Rather than using pressure to dispense the pepper formula, its uses a pyrotechnic charge to FIRE the pepper formula at up to 100 mph, thus reducing (not eliminating) any wind factor.

Simple to use.  Well known pepper spray weaponry.  Affordable.  Easy to carry.  The Pepper Blaster 2 from Kimber should surely by on your list of self defense weapons to check out.


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Wednesday, March 6, 2013
posted by SmartStun 8:40 AM

Most people are aware that there are pepper sprays and there are pepper sprays.  And, yes, they come in all shapes and sizes to make it easy to spray your target.  But, what most people don’t realize is that there are self defense weapons like the JPX JET PROTECTOR PEPPER GUN.  These things are nothing short of amazing!

jpx jet protector pepper gunsThey’ve been in use by European Law Enforcement Agencies for over a decade.  And, the maker/designer is a Swiss based company.  But, these are now available in the United States and there use is spreading rapidly.  THE JPX JET PROTECTOR PEPPER GUN is a handheld gun that utilizes replaceable cartridges of pepper spray.  BUT, there pepper spray is  not merely dispensed by pressurization.  Instead, there is a pyrotechnic charge which launches the spray out of the barrel at speeds up to 400 mph!  They shoot so forcibly that even wind generally doesn’t affect them.

There are other types of  pepper guns, like the Kimber Pepper Blaster 2 and the MACE pepper Gun Revolver.  And, yes, these are both very good in there own right.  But, very definitely, the top of the line gun is the Jet Protector!


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Mace Pepper Gun Pistol

Tuesday, March 5, 2013
posted by SmartStun 3:55 PM

I’m a huge fan of self defense weapons.  Some guys get into hand guns and such, but I get into more commonplace weaponry like stun guns and pepper guns.  One such item I like is the Mace Pepper Gun Pistol.

First of all, we know MACE.  The brand that’s been around for over 40 years providing protection to not only us and our kids, but our parents before us.  And, the MACE Pepper Gun Pistol is cool because it integrates the quality of the brand into a self defense weapon that’s appropriate for almost anyone.

Picture this:  you’re out at night, walking down a sidewalk.  Some punk jumps out in front of you and you can tell right away he means harm.  You pull your MACE pistol out of your holster and aim it at him.  The LED light is activated upon a slight squeeze of the trigger.  You warn him.  He continues harassing you.  You squeeze the trigger further and he, who is 20 feet away, is blasted with pepper spray…..he stops harassing you and you leave safely.

Obviously, this is a made up event.  However, situations like this do actually happen every day.  Don’t wait until its too late to arm yourself.  Get the protection you need today!


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