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Which Stun Gun do I Carry?

Saturday, October 20, 2012
posted by SmartStun 11:55 AM

best stun gunAfter months and years of writing about stun guns, it stands to reason that at some point, I should identify which stun gun I carry, as it most likely is what I consider to be the best, right?  Well, here it is:

I carry the Barracuda BC37 because I believe it to be the best stun gun, bar none.  What makes it so great?  Well, its not just the high voltage.  Many stun guns out there are pushing high voltages.  And, yes, voltage is somewhat important.  But, its not the most important aspect of a these self defense weapons.   Think of voltage as the “PUSH” behind the stun.  That is what delivers the stun to its target.  But, what if what is being delivered is not enough to stun someone?  Well, that’s exactly the case with most super high voltage models.

You see, amperage is what actually “STUNS” someone.  And, amperage is what the voltage delivers.  The amperage penetrates into muscles and causes them to spasm and fatigue and give out.  A higher amperage means a quicker fatigue.  And, all Barracuda Stun Guns deliver the same amperage.  They all deliver approximately 4.5 milliamps of current.  Most other “good” stun guns deliver about 3 milliamps.  And, many models, especially the stupidly high 5 million, 7 million, 10 million volt models deliver far less.

Here’s why:  voltage and amperage comes from the battery of the unit.  And, the available power of a battery is fixed.  If you increase voltage, than, the laws of electricity require that the amperage has to be reduced.  So, a super high voltage generally means lower amperage.  So, how does Barracuda deliver high voltage and high amperage?  They have twice the battery cells.  Most models work off of 9v batteries or a double cell of built in rechargeable batteries.  Barracuda is the only brand that uses 4 cells of batteries built into their models.  And what makes this even better is that the larger battery pack not only delivers more power, but also allows for a much longer battery life.  This is why Barracuda backs their models with a 5 year warranty that EVEN COVERS THE BUILT IN BATTERY!

So, all this is why the Barracuda BC37 is the Best Stun Gun in my book!

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