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Hidden Cameras

Saturday, September 1, 2012
posted by SmartStun 3:14 PM

They’re everywhere.  Cameras of all sorts, hidden all over.  Even cities have been installing them at stop lights.  We’re watched everywhere by Hidden Cameras.

Now, even when you go into your home or office, you can find that you’re being spied upon.  They can look like Exit Signs or Motion Sensors  They can look like pens, watches and alarm clocks.  They’re literally everywhere.  Hidden Cameras might even be lurking in your bedroom and you might not even know it.  How scary is that?  Perhaps someone put it there to get some footage of you doing something you shouldn’t be.  Or, perhaps someone is just wanting to know what you’re doing, when no one is watching or just to ensure you’re NOT doing something bad.

Now, how about a motel room?  I can’t imagine how many hotels and motels I”ve checked into.  And, not once did I look for a camera that might be hidden.  But, its quite possible they were there.



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