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Wednesday, April 4, 2012
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The Benefits Of The Taser C2

By: Rick Saxby

I believe I feel the same way about shooting someone in a real self defense situation as the majority of people in America would feel today. It should be a last resort. There are also many people who would like to defend themselves against an attacker without taking a life and owning a firearm is out of the question for them. Whether you own a firearm for self defense or you would never even dream of owning one, the Taser C2 is the perfect non-lethal self defense weapon.

There are lots of options when it comes to lethal and non-lethal self defense today. Some of the non-lethal options that come to mind are pepper sprays, expandable batons and stun guns. They are all great weapons and very effective but batons and stun guns are more extreme close quarters combat weapons. Using a baton is a very effective method of self defense but you have to allow your attacker to get right next to you, putting you at risk for injury. Stun guns also have this problem. Pepper spray puts distance between you and the attacker but it can blow back at you in windy environments and sometimes people are so drunk or enraged that they don’t respond to the pain of pepper spray.

Again, pepper spray, the expandable baton and stun guns all have their place on your tool belt and are great options by themselves (they all have earned good reputations throughout the years) but they, like every weapon, have downsides. The Taser C2 isn’t a hundred percent effective either, neither is a gun for that matter, but police departments have been using the Taser X26 version with outstanding results. Don’t think you have to have an X26 police version instead of the Taser C2 either. The truth is as a civilian or undercover cop you would probably want the C2 because of its compactness verses the bulky size of the X26. The only difference between the two is the X26 can shoot to about twenty five feet and shocks in five to ten second bursts so cops can handcuff the suspect. The C2 shocks in a thirty second burst and shoots up to fifteen feet which requires less wire coiled up in the cartridge, hence its smaller compact size (it only weighs 8.2 ounces). It is so small that people actually can carry them comfortably in their front pockets. There are also holsters specifically made for the C2 if your pockets are full.

The great thing about the Taser C2 is that, unlike other non-lethal self defense weapons, it isn’t reliant on pain compliance. The C2 shoots two probes at a distance of fifteen feet and administers something called neural muscular incapacitation to your attacker. These probes can go through two inches of clothing and they don’t even have to touch the skin in order to administer the shock. Again, this doesn’t have anything to do with pain, it works by interfering with a person’s sensory and motor functions.

It works because the entire human body runs on electricity, that includes sensory and motor functions. Sensory functions include temperature and touch and motor commands include muscle movements, even involuntary ones. The C2 works by disrupting the messages sent from your brain to your body essentially making your attacker temporarily paralyzed. It does’t even matter if he’s drunk or a raging lunatic who doesn’t feel pain, he’s going down.

The taser is a great non-lethal self defense weapon because it allows you to keep distance between you and your attacker with its fifteen foot reach. It also has a laser to give you great accuracy which also acts as a great deterrence to any would-be attackers. When you actually do shoot someone, two harpoon-type probes shoot out and imbed into the assailant’s flesh. Thirty seconds of shaped pulse energy bursts follow, allowing you to drop the taser and have the thirty seconds to run away. Don’t worry about leaving it behind because each Taser C2 comes with a lifetime warranty. If you do use the C2 in a self defense situation and file a police report, just send a copy of the police report to the Taser company and you will receive another Taser C2 free of charge. Also, once you shoot the C2 you can easily take out the cartridge and it becomes a pain compliance stun gun.

Believe it or not, it is actually “more legal” for civilians to carry than police batons are in most places because it’s not even considered a firearm by the ATF. It’s also very easy to operate, just aim with the laser and push a button. The C2 has a long lasting battery, lasting up to fifty, thirty second fires. The power cell is very good; it’s very shock resistant and well made. So if you are thinking of adding another non-lethal self defense weapon to your arsenal, you should consider the Taser C2, quite possibly the gold standard of non-lethal self defense weapons.



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