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The Best Stun Gun Period

Wednesday, February 29, 2012
posted by SmartStun 8:30 AM

Over the Counter Intelligence is the maker of the absolute best stun gun available.  While both the Barracuda BC20 and BC30 only differ with the amount of voltage they offer, the 3 million volt BC30 is one that I recommend to virtually everyone. 

What makes the BC30 the best stun gun?  Well, while most manufacturers are claiming ultra high voltages, which is somewhat important, only Over the Counter Intelligence has focused on higher amperage stun guns.  And, amperage is what penetrates into muscles causing them to spasm, fatigue and lock up.  Amperage is what puts your target on the ground!  Most stun guns deliver somewhere around 3 milliamps of current.  But, Barracudas all deliver approximately 4.5 milliamps of current.  This is a full 50% increase over other stun guns!  This is huge.

best stun gunAlso, though, the Barracuda line of stun guns are all quality built.  From the moment you first get one into your hand, you can feel the quality.  They are not cheaply made most other stun guns.  And, not only does the warranty cover the stun gun, but also the built in battery, which is Ni-MH; without getting into the specifics, just know that this type of battery is the ONLY tpe of battery which should be used for stun guns. 

High voltage:  3 million volts.  High amperage:  4.5 milliamps.  Quality construction:  5 year warranty.  Best battery:  Ni-MH.  All these are what makes the Barracuda BC30 stun gun the best stun gun….and the only one I carry.

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