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Smallest Spy Camera

Saturday, December 25, 2010
posted by SmartStun 2:34 PM

I get asked every now and then “what’s the smallest spy camera?”  The answer is usually, “it depends”.

It usually depends, because it depends on how the user is wanting to use it.  I mean, if its going outside their house under an eave to spy on cars pulling into the driveway and/or see who’s coming to the house, then, a specific type of camera is needed.  If, on the other hand, its going to be used to go indoors to spy on a small area, then the smallest spy camera might be something like a screw head camera or board camera might be appropriate.

So, it does depend.  But, what’s cool to note is that there are many different cameras available.  The screw head is one.  The button (looks like a shirt button) is another.  And, a camera that is inside a writing pen is another.  Technology has really advanced this field lately.

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TASER Gun Gold

Saturday, December 25, 2010
posted by SmartStun 1:23 PM

That’s right!  The C2 TASER Gun will no be offered in a “Gold Series Kit”.

The kit will include the following items:

1 – C2 TASER Gun (any color)
2 – 15′ Live Cartridges
1 – Training Cartridge (blue)
1 – Holster
1 – Practice Target

This will be a very nice package as it includes everything a new owner needs.  Most people want the opportunity, long before they come face to face with a potential attacker or mugger, to test fire the gun so they feel comfortable with how it works.  Now, the user can fire a test and be armed with 2 Live Cartridges for future use.  With the included holster, the user is now fully armed and ready for an encounter.

Thanks TASER!

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