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Pink and more Pink

Sunday, December 12, 2010
posted by SmartStun 1:28 PM

Are we talking about the singer Pink?  No, not this time anyway.

We’re talking about a pink stun gun.  Why pink?  Well, mainly because people want what they want, whatever that may be.  And, for women, having a stun gun can be a little imitidating.  Some find that by having a pink one, its easier to adjust to and know that if they’re attacked, they are at least protected somewhat.  Also, they can be a little easier to find in a purse than a black one.

Many brands of pink units exist.  Phazzer makes the Scorpion.  Zap makes the ZapStick in pink.  The Phazzer Dragon and TASER C2 are both available in pink.

So, you see, we’re really not talking about the singer.  But, hey, I wouldn’t mind listening to some of her music about now.

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