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Personal Police

Monday, December 6, 2010
posted by SmartStun 3:05 PM

Can’t afford to have your own personal police department stationed outside your home?  Me neither.  But, with today’s home surveillance systems, you may not need them.

I mean, the home surveillance systems that are available today have some pretty incredible features.  For instance, I recall one scenario where two thugs broke into a lady’s home.  Her wireless IP security camera sensed motion and turned on, whereby sending an email to her at work.  She clicked on the link and saw the two burglars going through her house.  A quick call to 911 and within minutes the police were there.

The burglars went to jail.  None of her stuff was missing because she caught them in the act.  And, she was relieved that the small amount she invested in her system paid off nicely.

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Apartment Security

Monday, December 6, 2010
posted by SmartStun 2:39 PM

Living in an apartment brings with it its own set of challenges.  I mean, upper floor or lower floor?  Front of the complex or rear?  What kind of apartment security system is appropriate?

When it comes to looking into an apartment security system, the challenge is that most apartment dwellers are somewhat transient.  People who are going to move in a few months or even a year, don’t want to invest a lot of money into something they can’t take with them.  So, they need to find a particular type of protection that offers the ability to easily install and uninstall while still providing adequate security against break-ins and thefts.

There are plenty of choices out there, but you have to look.  Give up the expectation that it will be almost invisible, because anything that is moveable is probably not integrated into the building very much.

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Best Stun Guns? Who knows….

Monday, December 6, 2010
posted by SmartStun 2:25 PM

Wanna know which is the best stun gun?  So, do I.  I mean, you know….

People are always asking about or saying they know which is the best stun guns.  And, okay, I guess, whatever.  I speak like this because when it comes to self defense, you know fending off an attacker or holding onto your valuables, all situations are different.  And, realistically, you’d need an entire aresenal to protect against any and all possibilities.  The best you can do, I think, is think about what possible situation you want to protect against and find a weapon or two that will be effective in that situation.

Think like this:  Pepper Spray.  Great product if you’re protecting yourself from someone who is a short distance and wind is not a concern.  But, what if someone comes from behind and subdues you.  Pepper spray won’t do much then.  Perhaps a direct contact stun gun would be the better choice in that situation.  So, again, bottom line:  think about it and choose.

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