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In Time For Christmas: Ruger Flashlight Stun Guns

Tuesday, November 5, 2013
posted by SmartStun 12:00 PM

That’s right, they’re finally here!  Originally announced in early October as being the “Latest and Greatest” self defense weapon to hit the market, there was actually a month’s delay in getting the Ruger Flashlight Stun Guns.  But, they’re now in stock and ready to ship…..just in time for Christmas 2013.  These are definitely one of the best gift ideas for the season.

ruger logoImagine this:  your guy goes to the Christmas Tree and finds a small package from you; he unwraps it to see the brand “RUGER” on the outside of it….you know he’s gonna get excited!

Inside, an extremely well made, highly durable aircraft aluminum grade encased flashlight that doubles as a stun gun.  1 million volts of stun power electrify the tip of this weapon.  Its great for you.  Its great for him.  And, its really great to take on walks with the dogs.  In the event of an attacking dog, normally, just a quick test fire into the air is all that’s needed to back the dog off very quickly.  They sense the negative electrical current as well as hear the shock and instantly break their stride.

Hurry, initial supplies are limited.

-by E Harris

-by SmartStun Stun Guns


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Get’em While they Last: Runt Stun Guns

Sunday, November 3, 2013
posted by SmartStun 7:38 AM

Not good news, here, today.  The manufacturer of the Truly Great Runt Stun Gun is retiring the current model and replacing it with a higher voltage, but very cheap newer model.  The newer model is a 10 million volt model, which may sound impressive, is truly NOT.

Runt Stun GunFirst, the new model is less expensive.  So, if something is better, how can it be less expensive?  Cheaper quality components.  And, that’s exactly what we find when we first hold the unit.  The first thing we touch is the on/off switch and it feels cheap.  The overall feel of the stun gun is also cheap.  This leads one to believe that the components inside are also cheap.  Is that really what you want when you find yourself face to face with a bad situation?

Second, the increased voltage means decreased amperage.  We’ve always sung the praises of the Runt as being the second highest amperage stun gun on the market, second only to the Barracuda BC37.  And, as we’ve always preached, amperage is what does the stopping of an attacker.  Amperage is what is delivered (by voltage) into the muscles causing the spasms.  Electric laws dictate that as you increase the voltage, you will DECREASE the amperage; its just a simple fact.  So, the new Runt Stun Gun having 10 Million volts, while it sounds impressive, is truly a step backwards in crime prevention.  Again, we ask, is this really what you want?


Fortunately, we have bought a large shipment of the Runt 4.5 Million Volt Rechargeable stun guns for our customers.  However, they won’t last forever, so don’t delay.

– by E Harris

– by SmartStun Stun Guns

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Best Self Defense Weapons Companies

Tuesday, October 15, 2013
posted by SmartStun 2:16 PM

Okay, of course, I’m familiar with and I’m familiar with as they are part of our brand of companies.  And, our companies only carry the best in self defense weapons.  For instance, you can look at the lipstick stun gun page on SmartStun and see that we proactively chose to discontinue carrying this item.  Why?  The previous version of the SM-Lipstick, Lipstick Stun Gun was a pretty good little unit and was one of our best sellers.  But, then, StunMaster discontinued that version and replaced it with some ridiculously high voltage model that has no chance of delivering enough amps to stop anyone.  At best, it MIGHT be a party favor to have fun with.

They’re doing the same thing with the Runt, too.  They’re replacing the previous model, which is a fantastic model of stun gun, with some crazy high voltage unit that is sold under other names (same exact product) that has one of the highest defect rate in the industry.  Its a shame.

Now, though, I read that Self Tek Defense is launching and they will provide high quality weapons, not like the little Chinese Party Favors that so many others are beginning to market.   That’s right, Self Tek Defense says they are committed to only the highest quality weapons and theirs are currently being developed.

Stay tuned for more……

-by E Harris

-by SmartStun Stun Guns

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SmartStun for Stun Guns

Saturday, October 12, 2013
posted by SmartStun 2:15 PM

If you’re searching for a stun gun, chances are you’ll find J & L Self Defense Products at , you’ll find SmartStun at, you’ll find ebay, of course, Budk at and maybe even Sabre at .  But, which one do you choose.

We can tell you, of course, we’re pretty partial to ourselves.  But, here’s some unbiased direction:

Budk is nothing more than a catalog company who sells all kinds of products, not just self defense stuff, but all kinds.  So, they’re not really experts, and their main focus is to sell products, not necessarily know self defense weapons or make happy customers.

Ebay, well its Ebay.  Who ya really buying from?

Sabre, this is really a manufacturer, but a manufacturer of pepper sprays.  Which they make great pepper sprays, but their stun guns are nothing more than cheap chinese imports that they put their name on.  Is that really something you want to bet your life on?

J & L Self Defense Products and SmartStun are both quality self defense weapons dealers who know what they’re doing and care about the products they’re selling, as well as their own brand, trying to build customer satisfaction.  While we hope you shop at SmartStun for a stun gun, pepper gun, pepper sprays and more, we truly hope you get a good product that will provide the protection you, or your loved ones need, in a time of duress.

-by E Harris

-by SmartStun Stun Guns

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Ruger Stun Guns

Tuesday, September 17, 2013
posted by SmartStun 3:22 PM

I just received notice that Ruger has gotten a stun gun manufacturer to make stun guns and utilize the Ruger Ruger Stun GUnsname.  Thus, Ruger Stun Guns have been born!  They are not yet available for shipping and I’m awaiting the actual dates of availability.  But, it should be merely weeks and certainly in time for the 2013 Christmas Season.  Boy, talk about wanting to get a great 2013 Christmas Gift Idea!

Give somebody a Ruger Stun Gun.  That just sounds cool!

We’ll have more info available on our site as we get more info from the manufacturer.  As always, we’ll test them out before we begin selling them.  So, you’ll know if you see them available on SmartStun, they are worth having.

-by E Harris

-by SmartStun Stun Guns

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So Many Stun Guns….Which One to Get?

Thursday, September 5, 2013
posted by SmartStun 11:15 AM

There’s no denying, there are a lot of models of stun guns available.  So, which one should you get?  I mean, which one is not going to be a piece of junk?  Which one will work and actually put somebody back away from me?

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to the question.  But, lets first start by acknowledging that there are many pieces of junk.  Let it be said that virtually any stun gun with more than 5 million volts of electricity IS junk.

Simple electrical rule:  watts (total power) = volts x amps

So, what does this mean?  The battery can only generate so much power (watts).  So, as voltage of a stun gun increases, amperage HAS TO GO DOWN.  High voltage equals relatively Low amperage.  Basic electrical rule.  So, the super high voltage models, do not generate much amperage.

What’s amperage, you say?  Well, let me start by stating what Voltage is:  Voltage is the “push” behind the electricity.  High voltage is needed to penetrate thick clothing. But, voltage DOES NOT stop anyone.  Voltage delivers the electrical current.  And, its the electrical current, another word for amperage, that actually stops someone.  Voltage delivers amperage.  Amperage is what penetrates into the muscles, causing them to spasm, causing mental fatigue, and potentially, causing the victim to fall down or be dazed.

So, if a stun gun has high voltage, it CANNNOT generate enough amperage to cause much problem for its target.

Now, with that said, there are many lower voltage stun guns that are also crap, too.  So, let me give you a few brands that are considered by most industry experts to be good quality units:

  • Stun Master (many are good; some are not)
  • Phazzer (good)
  • ZAP by PS Products (good)
  • Omega (excellent)
  • Barracuda (Highest Amperage Available at 4.5 milliamps)
  • Runt (2.5-4.5 Million Volt models – good; newer 10 million volt models – junk)

This is not to say that these are the ONLY good stun guns, but these are the ones we’ve used and believe in.  Bottom line, stay away from super high voltage models.

-by E Harris

-by SmartStun Stun Guns



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Stun Guns for Protection

Wednesday, August 28, 2013
posted by SmartStun 1:10 PM

Your face to face with someone who means you harm.  They want your wallet or your purse.  You have nothing on you in the form of a weapon.  What do you do?  You can run and hope they don’t get you.  You can try to hit them and hope they’re not more prepared than you.  You can give them your wallet or purse and hope that’s all they take.

None of these scenarios are good outcomes.

Having a knife in this situation is better than having nothing.  But, having pepper spray or any one of the many stun guns available is a better choice.  Generally, attackers are not expecting their victims to be armed.  In fact, that’s why they usually choose who they choose to mug.  They watch the victim for a minute and make the determination that they think they can take them.  So, if you were to pull one of your stun guns from your pocket and do a quick warning fire towards them, more times than not, they turn and run.

So, which outcome would you prefer to cause?  Personally, I vote for stun guns.

– by E Harris

– by SmartStun Stun Guns

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How to Get the Self Defense Protection You Need

Wednesday, August 14, 2013
posted by SmartStun 10:56 AM

Many times, people will buy a self defense weapon without giving  much thought to the actual situation they’re wanting protection from.  What I mean is they just go buy a weapon.  But, they don’t ask the basic questions like:  Is this for me or my daughter?  If for my daughter, how will she carry it?  Will it be in her purse?  Her car?  Her belt loop?  And, if its for her, what situation am I wanting her to have protection from?  Is she protecting against a dorm room break in or rape?  Is she needing protection while walking from her car to work at night?  Is she needing protection while exercising at the park?

All these variables need to be taken into account before purchasing a self defense weapon.  For instance, pepper spray is a highly effective self defense weapon for a home invasion and, in many cases, while walking from car to  store.  However, while exercising, wind can be a factor.  And, a small spray of pepper spray, if fairly windy, will probably just blow away, possibly even back onto her.

So, again, these things need to be given thought before you spend your hard earned money on a weapon.

– by E Harris

– by SmartStun Stun Guns

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TASER, for a Flashlight Stun Gun?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013
posted by SmartStun 12:16 PM

You may be aware by now that TASER has released its first ever, non-shooting stun gun.  That’s right, they’ve released the StrikeLight Direct Contact Flashlight Stun Gun.

TASER StrikeLightI’m anxious to see how well it sales.  Its a little higher priced than most flashlight stun guns, but of course, it has the the quality and brand recognition of TASER behind it.  And, I have compared it to other similar weapons we carry.  Quite honestly, I like the TASER model very much.

Its small, but not too small.  Its well built, you can tell as soon as you put it into your hand.  The flashlight is ultra bright.  The stun, while relatively low in voltage and amperage, is still quite effective.  Most people are not aware that all models of TASER Guns generate relatively low voltages and amperages.  But, of course, we know them to be very effective.  The StrikeLight is just the same.

Rechargeable battery that’s built in and an AC adapter comes free.  Its a complete self defense weapon.  And, even though its only been out for a few weeks now, sales are relatively brisk for the weapon.  Find out for yourself why, by ordering the TASER StrikeLight today!

-by E Harris

-by SmartStun Stun Guns

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Which Stun Gun to Get?

Saturday, July 6, 2013
posted by SmartStun 7:46 AM

Oftentimes, people ask us which stun gun they should get.  And, this is a reasonable question to ask.  However, the answer is not always so simple.  There are several factors that have to be taken into account.

Primarily, someone will need to consider what style and shape of stun gun to get that they will be able to carry and use effectively.  Some like mini stun guns because they are small and some like batons as they offer a reach, especially towards an aggressive, attacking dog.

But, one thing that will always need to be achieved, is to obtain a stun gun that has high amperage.  3 milliamps is pretty much the average for good quality stun guns and this is generally sufficient.  However, the Barracuda line of stun guns delivers 4.5 milliamps, a full 50% increase over most.

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